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About Us

Cabin Creek American Staffordshire Terriers was begun in 1991 with the purchase of our first puppy from Texas. “Spanky” was bred by Leah Purcell and was bought for the purposes of a companion and obedience dog. Spanky, along the way to her titles, taught me a great deal about training terriers and set me on the road to learning more about this challenging breed who is “keenly alive to its surroundings”. Pictured to the right is one of Spanky’s puppy granddaughters, Omega Oh Mai Cabin Creek, along with our granddaughter, Sarene.

Since our beginnings we have bred sparingly, fulfilling our own desire to add another to our Am. Staff family. Along the way we have hopefully provided others with some wonderful family pets and companions. We breed for soundness of mind and body, attempting to adhere to the STCA standard’s concept of a “moderate dog”, a combination of both its bull and terrier background. All of our breeding stock is OFA certified.

We are members of the STCA since 1994. Additionally, both Michael and I have held office in our local AKC licensed Am. Staff club, The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Riverside/San Bernardino. Additionally, we are members of an all breed club, The Lake Matthews Kennel Club. 

Our thanks to those long time Am. Staff breeders [Sara Nugent, Dick Pascoe, Pam Carter, and Lydia Castagna (among others) who have influenced us and from whom we have gained knowledge, patience, and established friendship. It is from their bloodlines we have blended the Cabin Creek American Staffordshire Terrier of today. That wonderful breed whose “courage is proverbial”. 

Monica & Michael Davi
Cabin Creek Kennels
Mira Loma, California
(951) 360-6003

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